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Welcome to www.arihorn.com. Please note that our new company name is Archetype Home Construction, Inc. and our website has moved to www.ahchome.com.

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About Our Founder

Ari Horn specializes in custom home remodels and additions. He has worked as a general contractor in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years.

As an undergrad, Ari earned a degree in Physics, which gave him an extensive understanding of structure and forces. Because of his education, Ari excels at structural design and implementation.


Commercial Remodels and Construction

Archetype Home Construction is fully equipped to apply our building expertise to commercial remodels and new construction.


New Construction

When you build a custom home with Archetype Home Construction, the only limitation is your imagination.


Home Additions

Our team of talented professionals can build any addition you need, from a pool or guesthouse to an entire second story.


Full Home Remodels

Whether you want to rip a home down to its foundation or redo a kitchen, we specialize in both structural and aesthetic remodels.

Ari Horn holds a number of licenses and accreditations. He is licensed through the Contractors State License Board as a general building contractor (Classification B) and also holds a specialty certification for electricians (Classification C-10). Ari is also an accredited home remodeler.

State License #: 724924